Kim’s programs are that magic place.

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As a parent life gets busy & one can get overwhelmed by the daily routines. That’s why finding special and significant ways to reinforce positive values and have outside support in showing our kids how to be great human beings is so important.

Kim’s program is that magic place where the flurry of the outside world is muted, electronics are non-existent & the kids are transported to a simpler world. At Ranch School, they learn the basic values of hard work, firm rules, and respect and the back-to-nature/back-to-basics mentality. She takes care to notice each personality in her group and works with the parents to scape these young people into stellar humans.

At the ranch they learn about the change of seasons in a tangible & tactile way. Through the care of the animals, kids become aware that they are a part of a bigger world where their skills are utilized & needed. The kids learn about the arc of life-cycles and begin the all-important shift into learning how to evolve out of seeing themselves as the center of the universe and move into being a contributing participant of a much bigger picture. This place is truly special & I feel it is a gift for the lucky children who have the unique opportunity to experience this little piece of magic. Both my son & daughter have been so lucky. Every time I drop off & pick up my kids, I feel like a good parent. Truly special.

Kalia Knutson, parent

You are tops in our book.

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I can’t express how amazing your teaching techniques are. Ashlee has been non-stop talking about the class. To see her ‘posting’ (is that correct?) when we arrived was inspiring…..just 4 hours, and look what you all accomplished. You are tops in our book.

Thank you, “J” and Diana Lombard, grandparent

every child should have at least on ‘Kim Class’ before they grow up.

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Again thanks for all you do for our girls………..really for all the kids you ‘teach’. You really are sooooo very good at teaching about what it is to be a good, productive and happy person…………..every child should have at least one ‘Kim Class’ before they grow up.

Charlene, grandparent

Every child should have the opportunity to experience KinderRanchSchool

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Ms. Kim is the “missing link” connecting education and the outdoors. Every child should have the opportunity to experience KinderRanchSchool!

Nicolle (parent to 4 year old)

We have been blown away by the experiences our daughter has the privilege of being a part of.

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My daughter, Sawyer, started the Kinder Ranch program at 4 years old and has the opportunity to participate again this year at 5. We have been blown away by the experiences she has the privilege of being a part of. She mends fences, feeds and waters animals, collects eggs, and last year helped to build a ‘duck hospital’ for a duck with an injured leg, among many other things. This however says nothing of how she has grown in the areas of teamwork, integrity, work ethic and social etiquette. She has had opportunities to work on leadership skills as well. Sawyer struggled a bit with separation anxiety last year, and I was so thankful for how Kim would handle that- she acknowledged her struggle, and encouraged her through it, but did not overly coddle. We are incredibly grateful that we are able to be a part of a school that emphasizes life skills so well. These little ranchers are treated as people, and are expected to work hard- and they clearly thrive under that respect and responsibility. My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Chappell Ranch, and think that every child deserves this kind of opportunity!

Kelsie, parent

My son calls ranch his “real school”. I call it a “real” education.

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My son Scotty has attended camps and ranch school at Chappell Ranch since 2013. There he has learned both academic and life skills through hands on experiences. He has gained self-confidence and leadership skills through problem solving, learning responsibility, having autonomy and digging inside himself to find his brave. Ranch offers a break from helicopter parents, rigid schedules and predictability. The duties of ranch call for quick thinking, adaptability, teamwork and most of all no whining! Weather, animals, the land and chores are constantly changing and shifting so being able to go with the flow is a requirement. My son calls ranch his “real school”. I call it a “real” education.

Kristen Susan Peck
Minden Elementary – ECSE Teacher

Sandy Hawkins recommends Kim Chappell

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Kim Chappell is a fantastic instructor for young children! My 6 year-old granddaughter had a great time and learned a tremendous amount during a 5 day camp. Every evening she would tell us all the new things she learned. With her calm, bomb-proof horses and ponies, Kim stresses safety and has the children gaining a lot of basic skills both mounted and on the ground. She and her helpers take a lot of care with each child and tailor their instruction as needed. I will definitely recommend Kim to anyone who needs instruction for children or adults.

Sandy Hawkins, Retired Professional Horse Show Judge and 15 year Nevada 4H Horse Leader

Wild Willys Horse Camp Testimonial

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Wild Willys Horse Camp is amazing! My nine year old son has developed a love for horses, ponies and ranch life in general. This experience has broadened his horizons in life and opened his eyes to a whole other new and exciting adventure he can be part of. Owner Kim Chappell has the patience, understanding, professionalism and pure knowledge to share with the kids. My son came home everyday from horse camp full of joy and excitement from his day’s experience. I feel very blessed to have had my son involved with Kim and her outstanding horse camp.

I would recommend this horse camp to anyone and everyone! Kim is great and she is a fantastic horsewoman!

Teresa Duffy

KinderPonyPlay and Kim’s other programs Highly Recommended

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Our son Donovan enrolled in KinderPony Play last year when he was four. We own two horses and he has always been around them, but they are not appropriate for him. We wanted a pony class with a pony class instructor. We have been so impressed with Kim and her program for many reasons. She made it fun and not too technical. She made sure it was safe. Kim also made it interesting and educational. Our oldest son is cautious and cannot be pushed or rushed. Kim let him go at his own pace although the other child moved forward faster. She was able to challenge both children. Kim has a lovely personality and the kids really liked her and felt comfortable.

I would highly recommend KinderPonyPlay and Kimʼs other programs for any parent looking for exposure to horses. She will make it fun while teaching them the basics in a safe age appropriate way.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Hassan DVM and Mike Dearmin DVM

Karen A. Hassan DVM
Eastern Sierra Equine LLC
Equine Lameness & Performance

Equine & Small Animal Acupuncture
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Carson City, NV
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