Kim’s programs are that magic place.

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As a parent life gets busy & one can get overwhelmed by the daily routines. That’s why finding special and significant ways to reinforce positive values and have outside support in showing our kids how to be great human beings is so important.

Kim’s program is that magic place where the flurry of the outside world is muted, electronics are non-existent & the kids are transported to a simpler world. At Ranch School, they learn the basic values of hard work, firm rules, and respect and the back-to-nature/back-to-basics mentality. She takes care to notice each personality in her group and works with the parents to scape these young people into stellar humans.

At the ranch they learn about the change of seasons in a tangible & tactile way. Through the care of the animals, kids become aware that they are a part of a bigger world where their skills are utilized & needed. The kids learn about the arc of life-cycles and begin the all-important shift into learning how to evolve out of seeing themselves as the center of the universe and move into being a contributing participant of a much bigger picture. This place is truly special & I feel it is a gift for the lucky children who have the unique opportunity to experience this little piece of magic. Both my son & daughter have been so lucky. Every time I drop off & pick up my kids, I feel like a good parent. Truly special.

Kalia Knutson, parent

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